The Palmyra II Ceiling Light

Inspired by Egyptian prayer shawls, the Palmyra II ceiling fixture emits light through stylized Deco patterns rendered in brass with an etching technique. The patterns are an homage to the Tulle-bi-telli textile of the Asyut province of Egypt, a fabric that involves metal strips being woven through fine linen mesh to form geometric patterns.

The Palmyra II features white opal diffusers that soften the light behind the pierced motif, while multiple light sources concealed in the interior reflect more light upward. This fixture is available in custom sizes and artisan finishes such as white or yellow gold, rich metal patinas, nickel plating or powder coated finishes in the color of your choice.

20.5" Height x 23.5" Width x

Circa 2019

Item # 6164